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Garden maintenance FAQs

Are we committed to a garden maintenance contract, if so how long?
No, you are not committed to a contract.
Do we pay the guys on the day?
No. We invoice in arrears and payment is made by Standing Order on the 1st of the month.
Can we stop the visits at any time?
There is a one month notice period of cancelling the maintenance visits.
Do we have to be on site when you come to work?
No, as long as we have entry codes or keys for gates etc, we are happy to let ourselves in and lock up when we leave.
How much is a visit & are there different pricing options?
All gardens are priced individually according to the work we have agreed to carry out. Following our initial quote visit you will receive a written quotation outlining the number of visits per year and the monthly cost.
Can we move days if we want to?

Unfortunately no, we run a 2 week schedule. You will be allocated a maintenance day, which we will endeavour to stick to.

Can I cancel a visit if I want to?
We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if you do not want us to carry out a visit, otherwise the visit is still chargeable.
Can I specify how often you visit?
We offer weekly or fortnightly visits – you can choose which you feel would be best for your garden.
Can we change what the guys are doing, if we feel another task is more important?

Yes, you can either let the guys know on the day, or even better, email into the office a few days in advance.

Do you bring all the equipment with you?
Can you use our equipment, e.g. mowers?
No, we do not use customers’ machinery or equipment.
Do you offer Lawn Care services?
Yes, as part of your maintenance package we can offer a bespoke Lawn programme.
Are your operatives Health & Safety qualified?
Yes, they carry all necessary PPE and are first aid trained.
Do you work all year round?
Yes, there is always something to do in the garden. Missing essential Winter maintenance could make for a bad start to the gardening year.